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Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Hiving offs

Present business environment provides an impetus to the entrepreneurs to:

      Acquire businesses which could well be integrated with the current business modules;

      Do away with businesses which are un-viable and/or un-profitable; and

      Move away from outright ownership to the joint ventures and strategic alliances.

We advise on all issues relating to acquisition of companies, joint ventures and hiving offs of the units including on structuring of the transaction, minority protections, taxes, employer’s affairs, intellectual property and other commercial, regulatory and legal issues involved therein.

We offer our services on various legal, commercial and compliance matters, such as:

      Assist in conceptualization and structuring of the transactions;

      Negotiate the agreements;

      Conduct legal due-diligence;

      Assist in obtaining regulatory approvals; and

      Documentation of various forms of transactions.

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